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Our Successes

Friends' stories

Barry Adkins, Kevin's Last Walk
Michele Hutchinson
Susan Loken - Chances for Children Program Director

Patients' stories

Claire Moty, Junior Elite Team Member, Phoenix Triathlon Club
Paul C. Donner, age 46
Sandi Weber: running again
Rick Mitchell, "tightest human being you had ever met"
Angelica Balentine: Keeping me strong through my recent pregnancy
Cody Miller: Undeniable results
Liz Barrick: Knee pain and my lifelong goal
Wendy Macfarland: A world of hurt no more
Len O'Toole: A miraculous recovery
Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: My arm injury
Lincoln Murdoch: I was at the end my wits
Roger Zetah: 50-mile hike
Derek Moore: Sometimes it's the few millimeters that matter
Krissy Moehl: Top Ultrarunner
Jeff Jones: Running Stronger

Notable quotes...

"Not only are the world’s best Triathletes put together well genetically, they are also “engineered” by a wide range of service provision experts to enhance their genetic gifts. Physical Therapy has been and remains at the forefront of this “engineering” process whereby through a thorough process of screenings including current physical and historical referencing and measuring, a PT can identify all areas of where interventions can occur. Using business terminology, personally and at USAT we conduct what is called a SWOT analysis, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The entire purpose of the PT screening is based around clearly identify each of these areas and then in conjunction with the primary coach and a host of service providers creating an integrated program whereby physiological training is coupled with a wide range of mechanical aspects and physical wellbeing. Be it a top professional athlete or the part time athlete, the identification of mechanical or functional limiters is not only a key first step but also a continual point of reference when in search of optimal performance and longevity in sport. One of the key measures I use outside of performance markers and outcomes is “days lost to injury”. As we have further integrated our support at Endurance Rehab as well as with key United States Olympic Committee providers our performances have improved and the days lost to injury reduced. You can put these in any order but the correlation is clear. No different to training the body for continual improvement, initial and subsequent screening by a quality PT is a great investment at any level in achieving performance gains."

Jonathan Hall  High Perfromance Advisor USA TRIATHLON

 “In the never ending search for more power, aerodynamics and sustainability with my riding position, I’ve found PT evaluations to be an important part of the successful solution.  No position is effective unless its sustainable over the entire ride, especially if that ride is 112 miles in an Ironman!  While working on optimizing my position, generating power and staying aerodynamic I noticed my body wasn’t wanting to stay where it should be.  Through my PT evaluations with Nate we discovered that in my case this was due to some slight bone impingements in my hips.  Knowing that my situation was due to a biomechanical limitation and not muscular range of motion we could address the problem accordingly.  We’ve adjusted my position allowing me to maintain an aerodynamic position without closing off my hips to the point where they are inhibited.  Not only has this allowed me to better maintain my position over longer rides it has kept my hips moving free from impingement.  Amazingly, this has done wonders for keeping the little “niggles” from popping up in my hips and knees as well.” Tim O’Donnell Professional Triathlete

"I came to your clinic feeling defeated. After a year long injury I had to put aside my dreams of completing a marathon, century ride, and half Ironman. I want to thank you for understanding my dreams. Your passion and dedication you put into your job have made my dreams come true! I have since moved to OK and have completed my first century ride and half Ironman! Next is the Tulsa Marathon in November and a full Ironman next year."

- Amy Parker, triathlete from Goodyear, Arizona

"For the last seven years Endurance Rehabilitation has been providing me with a thorough physical assessment of each of the cyclists and triathletes I coach as we started their training program. They have also treated my athletes' injuries. Because of their assistance I am a better coach and my athletes' performances are greatly improved."
- Joe Friel, Head Coach - TrainingBible Coaching

"The treatment and education that I received at Endurance Rehab were integral in fixing my injury and maintaining my strength throughout a cycling season. I appreciated the fact that the exercises were specific to my imbalances and specific to cycling."
- Robbie Ventura, former US Postal Cyclist, current coach and commentator

"Endurance Rehabilitation got me back on track after a couple of injuries sidelined my triathlon career. Without a doubt, one of the best sports rehab centers in the country!"
- Donna Phelan, triathlete from San Diego

"Endurance rehab is the best physical therapy experience I have had during my athletic career. Nate and his staff are very knowledgable and have a lot of experience. They have created a great atmosphere to recover from an injury and improve overall health and fitness."
- David Bell, Professional baseball player

"I have become more efficient in my training as well as built more confidence due to the stregth I have gained. Every time I leave class I know I have worked harder than I ever would on my own. Matt really knows how to challenge us and he always keeps it exciting."
- Anna Alexopolous, Arizona Ironman finisher 2005

"Since taking my first sesion I have been injury free and have seen significant increase in my strength, balance and coordination. I am stronger and faster than before and recover much faster now. Matt kraemer is a pro who runs a great class. This class is part of an integrated program to train hard and smart."
- Kirk McCarville, ultrarunner

"Kraemer exhibits an exuberant amount of enthusiasm, in addition to the creative and demanding exercises which keeps all of the participants interested."
- Melissa Spooner, 3-time Ironman Champion

"I am a 42 year old triathlete age grouper and coach. I got treated with ASTYM by Endurance Rehab in Scottsdale last Fall. When I went in for ASTYM treatment I was considering retiring and moving on to something else because of the discomfort with IT band and hamstring issues. After treatment I went on to PR at the SOMA Half IM placing 2nd in AG and 20th overall. This stuff works. I recommend it to any athlete who has dealing with endurance training injuries."
- Carlos Mendoza

"Nathan Koch is widely regarded as the Physical Therapist of choice by Olympic Athletes and others who have suffered a sports or physical injury and need to get back in the game of life. Nate and his staff took me from being unable to walk 10 feet with a cane, to achieving balance, strength and stability. I now bike 14 miles a day and am in the best physical shape of my life. I highly recommend Endurance Rehabilitation of Scottsdale, Arizona to anyone who requires the best physical rehabilitation services in the country. Nate is a personable guy who will provide an individual plan for you with a balance of compassion and expertise."
- Michael Manning Personal Trainer

"The crew at Endurance Rehabilitation is a great group of people. They are extremely well versed in their craft: fun, yet professional, and completely dedicated to making you well. Unlike other facilities, in which I've been treated, they truly care and it shows in the results."
- Gary Gidak Phoenix Fire Department

"Prior to coming to Endurance Rehab, I had tried many physical therapy places and no one was able to help me to reduce my back pain. Upon my first visit at Endurance, I was very impressed with the knowledge of my therapist and the time he took to understand my issues. After 3-4 visits, I started feeling a lot better. They also trained me, through their excellent staff, on exercises I could do outside the clinic to maintain my back strength. As of today, my back pain is 95% better and I greatly appreciate what they were able to do for me."

- Jeff L.

"Having never been to physical therapy before, I had no idea what to expect when I first came in. Now after two months of hard work with the staff at Endurance Rehabilitation and their expertise, I am stronger, pain-free and feeling great. Thank you Jeff, Matt and Juli for all of your help and positive encouragement."
- Gloria Villa

"After seeing several medical professionals for three plus years, I gave up hope on healing my injury. I thought that I would have to deal with my back and leg problem for the rest of my life, until I found the staff at Endurance Rehab. Jeff and the staff took the time to treat my injury and assist me in my journey back to health. I know now that I have finally found the right practitioner who can help me get back on the golf course."
- Gary Shaw

"While playing High School volleyball, I injured my rotator cuff at was out for the first half of my season. Endurance Rehab helped return me to pre-injury form faster than I thought was possible. Not only was the rehab great, but the staff there always made me feel welcome. They were even able to make rehab enjoyable! Endurance Rehab helped me tremendously, and now I am back to playing volleyball again pain free." - Mackenzie Foti, 14

"After undergoing severe ankle and foot surgery I started my rehab program at Endurance Rehabilitation. I was barely able to walk when I started, but improved significantly each week. The staff at ER designed an individual program for me that allowed me to progress, but was never short of a challenge. Following my time at ER, I was able to walk normally again and my legs are actually stronger now than they were prior to surgery. The staff at ER is GREAT!"
- Jim Rednor

"I would rank Nate Koch and all the PTs at Endurance Rehab as the best in the country. I recommend them to all my professional athletic friends no matter how far they may have to travel. It's definitely worth it."
- Kimberly Baldwin, Professional Cyclist (T-Mobile)

"My back is like 80% better! I cannot thank Matt enough for all of his help with my wicked body. Sorry if I have been negative or weird but pain makes everything different. It takes away your smile, it sucks out your goodness, makes you sad and angry.. you have helped me tremendously in such a short time that I have no words that even come close. and now that my back is kinda back to normal, I can fully appreciate the feelings in my foot. I am so amazed at how much you know for such a young age. God bless you and know that I am so very grateful."

"It's been a month since I graduated from PT at Endurance, and I'm feeling great! The difference your treatment has made in getting me healthy again is remarkable. I appreciated not only your treatments, but the knowledge you shared about how my body works, and the fun environment of Endurance. Monster Walks continue to be my favorite exercise. Thank you for making a difference in my life!"
-Paulette Friday

"I completed my first 50K race on Saturday and felt great for the entire thing. Not one sign of IT band issues or any other issues so I am thanking you for "curing" me. I feel so fortunate to be able to do all that I do. Thank you."
-Rachel Jones, ultrarunner

Testimonials from Joe Friel Laying the Foundations Testing Camp, Scottsdale Arizona, Oct. 22-29, 2010

"There were several sessions during the camp where I realized "This information is worth what I paid for the camp" – not once, not twice, but three times! The one-on-one meeting with Joe Friel, the session at Endurance Rehab and the swim sessions were the three things that took this camp over the top!"
- Russell, Chicago

"A great training camp at a fantastic venue with top class coaches. It not only laid the best foundation for the next season but also recharged my batteries. The host, Tri Dynamic, played an important role in the success, with excellent service and support both before and during the camp. I am confident that with the knowledge and inspiration from the week in Scottsdale my next season will be the best ever!"
-Tim, Sweden

"I recently attended the Tri Dynamic camp in Scottsdale with Joe Friel and Adam Zucco as coaches. The knowledge that I gained about training and building a training program incorporating speed skill and increasing my economy in all three sports was more then I had ever expected. I not only learned from the coaches but every one else that was at the camp. Martin made sure to make every thing ran smoothly and set up a fantastic resort to stay in. The session with Endurance Rehab was also fantastic. I had been struggling with a nagging injury and by following there advice I am confident I will be able to train injury free this season. The bike fitter I was set up with at Bicycle Ranch was amazing. I am not only more informed about my training but I feel like I have come out of this experience with tools that would have taken years for me to learn on my own. Thank you Martin Boddie and Tri Dynamic, Joe and Joyce Friel, Adam Zucco, Endurance Rehab, and Bicycle Ranch."
-Melissa, Arizona

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