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Our philosophy to physical therapy is to offer a hands-on and functional approach to wellness by combining manual and dynamic stretching,functional strengthening and core stabilization. Using therapy and biomechanical assessments of daily and sport-specific activity allows us to determine the cause of inefficiency and pain.

TOP 5 Reasons To Choose Us:

1. We are athletes too!

2. Our Education - check out our BIO's!

3. We thoroughly evaluate and treat based on NEED not based on what insurance dictates.

4. Fast Results: Average # of visits per injury is less than 9 sessions.

5, We work in cooperation with the best Doctors and Surgeons throughout the country.

 “In the never ending search for more power, aerodynamics and sustainability with my riding position, I’ve found PT evaluations to be an important part of the successful solution.  No position is effective unless its sustainable over the entire ride, especially if that ride is 112 miles in an Ironman!  While working on optimizing my position, generating power and staying aerodynamic I noticed my body wasn’t wanting to stay where it should be.  Through my PT evaluations with Nate we discovered that in my case this was due to some slight bone impingements in my hips.  Knowing that my situation was due to a biomechanical limitation and not muscular range of motion we could address the problem accordingly.  We’ve adjusted my position allowing me to maintain an aerodynamic position without closing off my hips to the point where they are inhibited.  Not only has this allowed me to better maintain my position over longer rides it has kept my hips moving free from impingement.  Amazingly, this has done wonders for keeping the little “niggles” from popping up in my hips and knees as well.”

Tim O’Donnell, Professional Triathlete 2015 Ironman World Championship: 1st American and 3rd Overall

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