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Fore Crying Out Loud

Keep your head down!
While it's down there, you may want to take a look at your feet. It's been my experience that most golfers only notice their feet when addressing the ball or if they're sore enough to end a round. Truth be told, there is no more important part of the body during the swing than your "dogs." If your feet are not properly aligned during key points of the swing you will lose both distance and accuracy.

What are potential causes of poor foot alignment? Often times poor trunk and hip flexibility cause a top-down reaction that changes the foot's position. This position change, in turn, causes key force-producers in the hips to shut down. From there any number of unfavorable outcomes can ensue...power loss, hitting thin, name it. Other times, the feet are simply misaligned and require a custom footbed/orthotic to allow them to meet the ground properly.

Which of these scenarios is contributing to your stalled handicap? Chances are both are a factor. However, it would be best to have a physical therapist assist you in deciding exactly what your problems are and how to correct them. Being highly trained in both foot/ankle biomechanics and flexibility assessment, the physical therapists at Endurance Rehabilitation can help you start shaving strokes off your score today.

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