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Golf-Specific Analysis and Fitness Program

Over the past decade the best players in the world have improved their performance by improving their overall fitness level as it relates to the game of golf. The development and implementation of an individualized golf-specific fitness program is a very important "first-step" if a person is serious about becoming a better golfer. Incorporating sport-specific golf exercises in place of the "normal gym routine" can produce the results most golfers strive to achieve. In addition, sport-specific training can help prevent injury because the training stresses closely resemble those experienced on the course.

Our Process:

1. Schedule a Golf Evaluation with one of our Physical Therapists (Call the location closest to you or email

2. Evaluation includes full body assessment, golf swing analysis and review of injury history and goals and development of a individualized program.

3. Swing analysis is to determine areas of weakness or limitation in your body and convey these to your coach and develop a program to address issues. The swing analysis is not meant to take the place of a golf program but to work in combination to prevent injury and improved performance.


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