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Run Gait Analysis

Our run gait analysis program provides a comprehensive analysis of the runner and their gait performed by one of our expert physical therapists. This includes:

  1. Review of injury and training history
  2. Detailed physical examination of the runner (posture, flexibility, strength, injury specific testing, functional and core testing)
  3. Video Analysis of running gait using state of the art technology
  4. Review of run gait findings
  5. Instruction in a specifically designed program to address inefficiency in running form, potential or current injury and to address footwear and orthotics. The program is designed by your Endurance PT. An Exercise Specialist will take you through the entire program at this visit to ensure that your techinque is correct.

Cost: $275 in Scottsdale (includes 3D motion and pressure analysis)

Cost: $225 in Phoenix and Mesa (does not include 3D motion and pressure analysis) 

Time Commitment: 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

What to bring: shorts, t-shirt, running shoes and orthotics.

Some of the questions that can be answered through run gait analysis are:

  1. What is causing my pain with running?
  2. Do I have a leg length discrepancy?
  3. Do I have weak links in my body that affect running gait or my run volume?
  4. Why do my calves cramp with running?
  5. Am I running in the correct shoe?
  6. Should I use orthotics or are my orthotics correct?
  7. Should I try barefoot running?
  8. Do I heel strike or forefoot strike?
  9. Can I and should I change my run technique?
  10. What specific stretches or exercises can I do to stay injury-free?

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