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Training Programs

Core Strength

A dynamic and challenging 60 minute class designed to strengthen the core while incorporating the entire body and increasing endurance, flexibility, strength and power. Click here to learn more.

Speed Training

Good core strength indicates an individual's ability to move with high efficiency. As athletes, efficient movement is crucial to speed and endurance. This class will provide a base for injury prevention, flexibility, agility, & stamina. Click here to learn more.

Endurance Personal Training

One on one strength and conditioning program to allow for acquisition of one's goals faster and in an awesome environment. Click here to learn more.

G-Trainer Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The G-Trainer anti-gravity treadmill enables users to reduce their effective body weight during exercise to continue training during injury recovery, outdistance conditioning limitations, and build endurance. And it isn’t just for athletes—the G-Trainer is designed for everyone from elite athletes who can't afford bench time to individuals whose daily lives don't have room for sitting still. Click here to learn more.

Golf-Specific Fitness Program

The development and implementation of an individualized golf-specific fitness program is a very important "first-step" if a person is serious about becoming a better golfer. Click here to learn more.

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