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Chances for Children

As the Chances for Children program director and Team Chances coach of hundreds of endurance athletes of all shapes, sizes and conditioning levels and as an elite athlete myself, I highly recommend Endurance Rehab to anyone struggling with an injury. In the ten years I have been running competitively, I have received physical therapy from several clinics in the Valley. Endurance Rehab is now where I go for my physical therapy needs.

I first went to Endurance Rehab because I want to be treated at a clinic where the therapists are themselves athletes; only another athlete can understand what a runner is going through when recovering from an injury. I continue to go to Endurance Rehab, however, because of an even more important reason: the therapists and staff truly care about ever patient. It doesn't matter if you are a long time competitive athlete or someone being reintroduced to benefits of exercise, Endurance Rehab will work to get you past your injury and teach you ways to prevent injuries in the future.

Endurance Rehab doesn't just say they care about ever patient, they prove it by their actions! Endurance Rehab therapists volunteered countless hours to helping our Team Chances athletes train for various races. Their physical therapists gave seminars, counseled runners on injury prevention and came to many of the workouts to answer our athlete's questions. Endurance Rehab also cares about the community. Andi Felton from the Scottsdale clinic coached and lead the Scottsdale fundraising team for Team Chances, helping the organization raise over $200,000. These fundraising proceeds are used to prevent childhood obesity by providing Valley children fitness programs to teach them to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

And because of the help and guidance of Endurance Rehab therapist Matt Kraemer, my own nagging hamstring injury is becoming a thing of the past. I have struggled with this injury for over seven months but in just one month of working with Matt I feel as if I'm back to my old self and plan to be conditioned enough to possibly run a PR at my next marathon in April.

Team Chances owes a debt of gratitude to Endurance Rehab for what they have contributed to our program and, on a personal level, so do I. If you are in need of some help with an injury, Endurance Rehab is the place to go!

-Susan Loken, Chances for Children Program Director

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