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Tightest human being you had ever met

You may remember me, you worked with me for several months concluding in June, at the time I bore the mantle of "tightest human being you had ever met". I had back, hip, knee, and feet problems (you gave my feet the "scraping" treatment), old age maladies that I refuse to face. I was running mummy mountain on the weekends for a training run. Just wanted to give you an update, doesn't look like I'll be returning to you in the immediate future. I will be running the South Mountain 20k in two weekends, and hope to be doing the Fiesta 1/2 in December. My knee tends to express its displeasure at mileage north of 10 so I probably won't be going beyond a half marathon, but I have made tremendous progress with my running to-date, in particular my mummy runs, they're almost enjoyable.

My primary intention is to offer my appreciation for your efforts. You were my third trip through therapy, and you provided by far the most thorough and effective treatment. Your hands-on attention to my situation has restored running as my "mental crutch" that it has been for so long. It's a lot of fun to target a run to discipline and train for. Many many thanks, best of luck to you and your young family, maybe we'll cross paths on a run someday.

Rick Mitchell

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