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A miraculous recovery

I am sure you don't remember me... Len O'Toole... Cyclist... IRISH... You fixed a knee problem of mine way back ... Anyway, I saw your picture on today and I had to contact you. I just wanted to congratulate you on your new venture at "Endurance Rehab"... you said you were going to go out on your own some day, I guess you did. Well Done. Looks like a great institution. If I need any 'adjustments' in the future... I will be sure to travel out to AZ for you to take care of me.

Right now, I am the director of the Mercy Cycling Team Elite Womens Squad - based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas. I've been telling all my riders for years ... if they have any physical problems to look you up in Arizona. You are a Master of your trade. You fixed me up so good that the following year I came in 10th in the US National Criterium Champs in Chicago...and ranked in the Top 10 in my category for Criterium Riders in the USA Cycling National Criterium Rankings !! Now that's what I call a miraculous recovery - compared to the previous year when my knee issues wiped my season out completely. You fixed me up good, real good - Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Nate, best of luck in your business... and Thank you again for taking care of me.

Len O'Toole Cordova, TN

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