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I was at the end my wits

After a couple of years of chronic injuries I was ready to give up running and triathlons. Someone then referred me to Endurance Rehab and Nate Koch. That was my ticket out of the ongoing injuries! Nate diagnosed the problem, got down the root cause and through cutting edge treatment and counsel, brought me back to where I'm now achieving more than I ever thought possible in triathlon. I even competed at the World Champions thanks to Endurance Rehab and their great staff. I couldn't recommend them more highly!"

Lincoln Murdoch
50-54 Triathlete 50-mile hike

In July I could barely walk 50 feet from the parking lot to your front door. In September I hiked 50 miles non-stop across the Grand Canyon (rim-to-rim-rim). The rehab you and your staff performed on my foot was amazing. Many thanks to you, Caroline and Andi.

Roger Zetah
(2nd row, 2nd guy in on the pic)

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