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Foot Orthotics

Although often prescribed to address common ailments and deformities of the foot, custom foot orthotics can also be an essential tool in the rehabilitation of knee, hip, and low back pain. During most functional and recreational activities, our feet are the interface between us and the ground, court, track or pedal. A misaligned foot does not allow proper alignment of the lower extremities, pelvis, or lumbar spine. This is often the cause of poor neuromuscular efficiency and eventually mechanical pain and breakdown of our joints and soft tissue. 

Foot orthotics can help improve performance in sports such as running, cycling, soccer, tennis and golf. They can also help decrease pain in the back, knees, hips, and feet.









1. Foot pain and foot numbness with walking, running or on the bike

2. Knee or Hip pain with loading: soccer, golf, volleyball, cycling

3. Low back pain with prolonged standing or walking at work or hiking.

4. Runners with "shin splints"

5. Flat feet or high arched feet

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