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Work Rehab

Can't work due to an injury? Our Functional Capacity Evalution is a 4-6 hour individual testing session to determine what skills you can no longer perform on the job. We also help companies ensure that their workplace is safe and free from hazards through our Job Site Analysis.

For Employees

When you are injured and can no longer fulfill your job responsibilities, timing is critical. Within 24 hours after your initial evaluation, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your current abilities and recommendations for treatment. Our other services to help get you back to work include:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) - a 4 to 6 hour, one-on-one, evaluation of your abilities and limitations to perform tasks for your job.
  • Work Hardening/Conditioning - A highly structured, goal-oriented, individualized program designed to return you to work.
  • Work Rehabilitation - therapy specifically prescribed to address your physical limitations in order to improve your tolerance to work activities.

For Companies

Employee injuries can hurt the bottom line. We can both evaluate your current facilities to prevent and/or reduce further problems and work with your injured employees to get them back to work more quickly. Services we provide include:

  • Job Site Analysis - Evaluation of a job and/or job facilities to make a definitive statement about that job, its risks and requirements, in order to facilitate administrative planning.
  • Work Injury Management - Utilization of a combination of early physical therapy intervention, Functional Capacity Evaluations, employer networking, management of external and internal motivators, and medical-legal support to enhance the rate and success of employee return to work.

"After undergoing severe ankle and foot surgery I started my rehab program at Endurance Rehabilitation. I was barely able to walk when I started, but improved significantly each week. The staff at ER designed an individual program for me that allowed me to progress, but was never short of a challenge. Following my time at ER, I was able to walk normally again and my legs are actually stronger now than they were prior to surgery. The staff at ER is GREAT!"

- Jim Red

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