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What to Expect at Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

If you have recently received a referral for physical therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona, you may wonder what to expect during your first session. Endurance Rehab, with offices in Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix, outlines what typically happens during the first physical therapy session in this blog. How to Prepare for Your First Appointment at Endurance Rehab We […]

How Dry Needling Can Help Athletes Recover Faster and Perform Better

Dry needling is an exciting and effective technique used by physical therapists and other healthcare professionals to alleviate pain and improve muscle function. This innovative treatment involves inserting thin, sterile needles into specific trigger points or tight muscle bands, which helps to release tension and stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Experience has shown that […]

Endurance Rehab Focuses On Helping People

Endurance Rehab Focuses On Helping People In my short stint last fall hanging out at Endurance Rehab I had the opportunity to check out a couple of morning circuit classes and was treated top notch with ultrasound icing (I think that is the term), taping for my bum (inflammed Patella was the diagnosis I think) […]

50-Mile Hike

50-Mile Hike In July, I could barely walk 50 feet from the parking lot to your front door. In September, I hiked 50 miles non-stop across the Grand Canyon (rim-to-rim-rim). The rehab you and your staff performed on my foot was amazing. Many thanks to you, Caroline and Andi. Roger Zetah

I Was At The End My Wits

I Was At The End My Wits After a couple of years of chronic injuries I was ready to give up running and triathlons. Someone then referred me to Endurance Rehab and Nate Koch. That was my ticket out of the ongoing injuries! Nate diagnosed the problem, got down the root cause and through cutting […]

My Arm Injury

My Arm Injury In December of 2001 I was at the La Hacienda Rehabilitation Center in Hunt, Texas. This happened because after the towers were hit, (besides all the other stuff going on at the time internally with Megadeth) I numbed out, like most of us did. After five years of being sober, I started […]

A Miraculous Recovery

A Miraculous Recovery I am sure you don’t remember me… Len O’Toole… Cyclist… IRISH… You fixed a knee problem of mine way back … Anyway, I saw your picture on cyclingnews.com today and I had to contact you. I just wanted to congratulate you on your new venture at “Endurance Rehab”… you said you were […]

A World of Hurt No More

A World of Hurt No More I never really appreciated the importance of a strong core until a recent painful experience. During the run leg of a race, I somehow pulled my SI joint out of alignment. At the time I thought it could be cured with some rest and eased back on my training. […]