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Each of our therapists is not only one of the best in their field, but they also are world-class competitive athletes themselves. This gives them the ability to offer physical therapy treatment that addresses each athlete's unique challenges in their chosen sport and intuitively provide tips that help our patients excel both in and out of competition.

Featured in LAVA Magazine

LAVA Magazine

Endurance Rehab is now writing a monthly article for LAVA Magazine. Each month we focus on training tips and techniques. Click here to see the latest on "Achilles Tragedies", or check out our Articles for more training advice.

Featuring the Latest in Performance Recovery

2XU Compression Clothing Endurance Rehab is offering 2XU compression clothing, the latest in compression recovery techniques for physical therapy.

NormaTec compression devicesAll of our offices are also featuring NormaTec pneumatic compression devices to aid in healing.

Now Offering Rocktape



Endurance Rehab Fit Fest

Fit FestEndurance is hosting a free event on May 3 that showcases health and fitness companies and their goods and services. For more information about becoming a vendor or attending the event, contact Jim Gibson at

Now Offering ICEdot

Endurance Rehab is now partnering with ICEdot, an emergency identification and notification system for athletes. In Case of Emergency (ICE), health and location information can be sent to a cell phone or first responders can access emergency information.

Fall Lecture Series

Our new Fall Lecture Series starts October 10, featuring top speakers and raffle giveaways. Our brochure outlines upcoming topics, and a sneak peek at our November speakers. There is limited space, so please RSVP today by emailing

New Concussion Program Offered

Endurance Rehab announces a new program focussing on concussion diagnosis and treatment. For more information, please see our new web page outlining our services.

Latest Info on Barefoot Running

Nate Koch is featured in a special report on the best approach and possible pitfalls of barefoot running titled "Barefoot Running Stumbles", found in Men's Health magazine's September 2013 issue.

New Trainers For Sale

Endurance Rehab now offers the Wahoo Fitness line of bike trainers, all powered by your iPhone.

Featured in Road Bike Action magazine

A new article in the latest issue (April 2013) of Road Bike Action magazine features Endurance Rehab's "body assessment" for cyclists. "How To: Get Fit For Performance" by Neil Shirley also details the bike fitting process at ER partner Cyclologic.

New Book on Excelling in Triathlons

The new book by Joe Friel and James Vance, Triathlon Science, features insights from 21 of the world's leading triathlon experts, including two chapters on injury prevention and recovery by Nate Koch of Endurance Rehab. For more information and to order, see the Human Kinetics website.

Meet a Spartan

Christopher Rutz, a Spartan elite athlete and Endurance Rehab athlete, has recorded a video about his adventures in Spartain Racing and his treatments at Endurance Rehab.

Job Openings

Thanks to our awesome friends, patients, and physicians, we are growing and are in need of a Physical Therapist. For more information or to apply, please email Nate at

Injury Prevention Tips, Part 2

Nate Koch shares his part 2 of his injury prevention tips in the 5 Tips For Avoiding Cycling Injuries article from Triathlete.

Dry Needling at All Locations

To maintain our position on the cutting edge of sports medicine, we are now offering dry needling at all 3 of our clinic locations in Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix!

Team/Club Sponsorships for 2013

For over 10 years: Bicycle Ranch Cycling Club
For greater than 5 years: TriScottsdale
For greater than 5 years: Phoenix Tri Club
For 4 years: Women's Cycling
For 2 years: Faster Performance and Cycling Team
New for 2013: ONE MULTISPORT
New for 2013: AZ DEVO
New for 2013: Team Winded
We sponsor these clubs as a way of giving back to the community that has helped us learn and grow over the years. Doesn't matter if you are male, female or a kid, one of these groups will provide you with the education, motivation and friendship you need to ENDURE in the game of life!

Matthew Russell

Our newest sponsored athlete is professional triathlete and Team Timex member Matthew Russell. Check out his website for more information.

Featured by the Andrews Institute

Nate Koch is featured in an article titled Proper Training for Triathlons is Critical for Injury Prevention featured on the Andrews Institute's website.

Injury Prevention Tips

Nate Koch shares his injury prevention tips in The End of Injury article from Triathlete Europe.

K-Tape Helps Athletes

Endurance Rehab Arcadia's own Matt Kraemer is featured in this video which explains how K-Tape, or kinesiology tape, helps athletes such as Nicole Benedetti.

Dynamic vs. Static Stretching

Nate Koch's latest article on dynamic vs. static stretching is featured on the Triathlete website.

Our New Commercial!

Rules on Recovery

Check out Nate Koch's latest article on rules for recovery from the pros.

Support Sally's Foundation

In memory of local triathlete Sally Meyerhoff, friends and family operate a foundation to help other distance runners and triathletes pursue their dream. The next event is the annual Sally's Run on December 8, and more information is also available on the foundation's website.

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