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New Anti-Gravity Treadmill


Our PHOENIX Clinic has just added the newest version of the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill. The first of this kind in Arizona!

Using NASA-developed Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, you can apply gentle lifting forces using air to unweight patients to as little as 20% of their body weight and precisely reduce the amount of impact on the body while walking or running.

This new and improved system comes with gait analytics measuring gravitational load and provides visual feedback on symmetry and impact on pain levels.

Call the Phoenix office to give this amazing technology a try (602) 956-4040


In partnership with Trek Precision Fit, for the 4^th season in a row, we
are the Physical Therapy Consultants for the TREK/Segafredo Men’s and
now WOMEN’s Professional Cycling teams. Look for training and race
updates on our Facebook page!

The Injured Runner

(March 2019)

How to leverage technology to improve your assessment and treatment of common running injuries.

Course Dates:
Saturday March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd

Course Venue:
Endurance Rehabilitation
9376 E Bahia Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Our philosophy to physical therapy is to offer a hands-on and functional approach to wellness by combining manual and dynamic stretching, functional strengthening and core stabilization. Using therapy and biomechanical assessments of daily and sport-specific activity allows us to determine the cause of inefficiency and pain.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Us:

1. We are athletes too!

2. Our Education - check out our BIOs!

3. We thoroughly evaluate and treat based on NEED not based on what insurance dictates.

4. Fast Results: Average # of visits per injury is less than 9 sessions.

5. We work in cooperation with the best Doctors and Surgeons throughout the country.

Each of our licensed Physical Therapists is not only one of the best in their field, but they are also competitive athletes themselves. This gives them the ability to offer physical therapy treatment that addresses each athlete's unique challenges in their sport and intuitively provide tips that help our patients excel both in and out of competition. Our goals are to educate our patients on the biomechanical cause of their injury, heal injury through the latest evidence based techniques and return them to the sport or activity they love with less chance of injury and improved performance.

Patient Testimonials
  • C G.
    3 days ago
    Ian is fantastic. My knee was feeling better after the first visit!!!
  • J A.
    3 days ago
    Excellent Physical Therapists & techs. The front desk girls are very helpful & friendly! That is a huge plus! Love the whole facility!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  • C F.
    3 days ago
    Cooper loves to go even though he gets pushed. Welcoming as well as challenging. Also appreciate the true concern and desire to get him back playing competitively again.
  • J A.
    3 days ago
    A Great Team Of Therapist’s , They Are Very Caring And Respectful. I Always Enjoy My Therapy Session, The Customer Service is Top Notch . 😊😊😊😊
  • L T.
    3 days ago
    Endurance Rehab is always a completely professional, personal and reliable place to cure what hurts! As always, thanks to the team at Endurance.
  • MK J.
    3 days ago
    Exceptional staff with exceptional outcomes.
  • T S.
    3 days ago
    Great therapists and an uplifting and positive environment
  • R B.
    3 days ago
    All the staff are friendly and keep good track of the patients. Making sure they are safe in doing their exercises.
  • C A.
    3 days ago
    I am challenged to work hard at my rehabilitation and to do it correctly. Ian puts thought into my rehab. Great place!
  • S C.
    1 week ago
    Austin is really working hard to help heal my injury, and it's healing! Great staff, very friendly assistants too. Thanks so much!
  • Jeff L.
    2 years ago
    Prior to coming to Endurance Rehab, I had tried many physical therapy places and no one was able to help me to reduce my back pain. Upon my first visit at Endurance, I was very impressed with the knowledge of my therapist and the time he took to understand my issues. After 3-4 visits, I started feeling a lot better. They also trained me, through their excellent staff, on exercises I could do outside the clinic to maintain my back strength. As of today, my back pain is 95% better and I greatly appreciate what they were able to do for me.
  • Gary G.
    2 years ago
    The crew at Endurance Rehabilitation is a great group of people. They are extremely well versed in their craft: fun, yet professional, and completely dedicated to making you well. Unlike other facilities, in which I've been treated, they truly care and it shows in the results.
  • David B.
    2 years ago
    Endurance Rehab is the best physical therapy experience I have had during my athletic career. Nate and his staff are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. They have created a great atmosphere to recover from an injury and improve overall health and fitness.
  • Donna P.
    2 years ago
    Endurance Rehabilitation got me back on track after a couple of injuries sidelined my triathlon career. Without a doubt, one of the best sports rehab centers in the country!
  • Robbie V.
    2 years ago
    The treatment and education that I received at Endurance Rehab were integral in fixing my injury and maintaining my strength throughout a cycling season. I appreciated the fact that the exercises were specific to my imbalances and specific to cycling.

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Did you know that Arizona is a Direct Access State? That means you do NOT need a Physician prescription for physical therapy. You can schedule with one of our PTs for injuries or pain immediately instead of waiting for a Doctor referral.
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