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Each of our licensed Physical Therapists is not only one of the best in their field, but they are also competitive athletes themselves. This gives them the ability to offer physical therapy treatment that addresses each athlete's unique challenges in their sport and intuitively provide tips that help our patients excel both in and out of competition. Our goals are to educate our patients on the biomechanical cause of their injury, heal injury through the latest evidence based techniques and return them to the sport or activity they love with less chance of injury and improved performance.

EXCITING NEWS FOR 2016! In partnership with Trek Precision Fit we are a sponsor of the TREK / Segafredo Professional Cycling team. Look for training and race updates on our Facebook page.

Physical Therapy Scottsdale
Endurance Rehab writes a monthly article for LAVA Magazine. Each month we focus on training tips and techniques. Click here to see the latest on "Achilles Tragedies", or check out our Articles for more training advice.

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Job Openings

We are always looking for motivated professionals to join our team. For more information or to apply, please email info@endurancerehab.com.

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Endurance Rehab now offers the Wahoo Fitness line of bike trainers, all powered by your iPhone.

 “As a coach I've always required the athletes I train to get a complete and thorough examination by a physical therapist at the start of each season. I know that this helps to avoid injuries and maximizes performance. I've seen it pay off many times over the years.” Joe Friel Author and Co-Founder Training Peaks