A Valuable Resource

A Valuable Resource

January 3, 2006 – When an athlete is injured they usually have resources for recovery that most of us will never have access to, until now.

I’m a 46 year old who’s in reasonably good shape. Approximately four years ago I injured myself performing Yoga, of all things. The injury occured in my left hamstring/gluteal area. Unfortunately time was not on my side. Other symptoms appeared based on favoritism to the opposite side of my body. Subsequently I began having difficulty with my ankle/foot, and to top it all off a bulging disk in my mid/lower back appeared causing great discomfort.

In a nut shell over a four year period I sought help from a multitude of practioners. These include Orthopedist’s, Physical Therapist’s, Chiropractor’s, Acupuncturist, Rolpher, Myofacial, Massage therapist’s, and Podiatrist’s. Say that three times in a row quickly.

Some of these professionals gave it their best shot. Others laughed at the idea of having an injury to the glute area. A so called pain in the ass. And I was begining to live up to that moniker, only because my frustration level with incompetence was growing. I had reached a point where by each practioner I saw was handed a letter the moment they entered the room, giving them a preview of my past escapades. I no longer wished to waste my time or theirs.

Which brings me to the point. Matt Kraemer of Endurance Physical Therapy has been the only person besides my Orthopedist who finally said he could help me, and did. Matt, as well as the other employees of Endurance Rehabilitation, have been a God send. My four months of therapy were difficult and painful at times, but whoever said getting well was easy. I found no other level of professionalism anywhere like I found with Endurance Rehab. It was as if I was given access to those resources reserved only for elite athletes. Every step of the way someone was there to instruct me on proper form. I was impressed since no other facility had ever come close. Each and every person at Endurance Rehab, no matter the position, had enough knowledge and understanding to assist in reaching my goal of becoming injury free.

I wish to thank all the staff at Endurance Rehab, especially Mr. Kraemer who has faith.

Paul C. Donner

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