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3 Tips for Physical Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

Preparing ahead of time is the best way to benefit from physical therapy in Phoenix, AZ. Here are three top tips for physical therapy patients visiting Endurance Rehabilitation in Scottsdale, AZ. Eat a Balanced, Healthy Diet Before taking physical therapy, choose to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, especially if […]

Chiropractor vs Physical Therapist: Who to See for Sports Injuries

Athletes are constantly testing their limits, which makes chiropractors and physical therapists natural solutions if they experience pain or injury. If you’re wondering which is the right professional to visit, we’ll look at what you should know. The Nature of Injuries Some people can put extreme stress on their bodies in short timelines without experiencing […]

3 Benefits of Foot Orthotics

Your feet bear the brunt of your weight day in and day out, so it’s no wonder that these integral parts of your body can become misaligned or otherwise dysfunctional. If you’re looking for a way to correct anything from your stability to your posture, we’ll examine how shoe inserts can make a difference. Pain […]