A World of Hurt No More

A World of Hurt No More

I never really appreciated the importance of a strong core until a recent painful experience.

During the run leg of a race, I somehow pulled my SI joint out of alignment. At the time I thought it could be cured with some rest and eased back on my training. However as soon as I started running again the pain and discomfort would return. After x-rays (no worries) and several D.O. visits, Nat began working on me. He always made sure he was working in conjunction with the D.O. even gave me ‘homework’ exercises to work on between sessions. I also started back to the core classes that I had neglected for several months.

I’d attended the core class before and knew it was beneficial but it wasn’t until this experience that I realised how important it is. The class exercises are tough and there is pain, but that is nothing compared to the frustration and constant discomfort I was experiencing. Nate was also treating me during this time and through the class and his work I am now back to 100% and recently raced the NewTimes 10K with no ill effects. Nate does a great job of picking exercises that focus on the right areas and that work together to push us – he’s a great drill sergeant!!

I’ve also learned the importance of stretching and have attended the run clinics that have helped me with warm-up protocol, nutrition, technique, and stretching.

What makes the difference between Endurance Rehab and others is your real commitment to athletes and their health. I appreciate your understanding of what it means to compete and train.

So thank you Endurance Rehab. Without you guys I’d still be in a “world of hurt”.

Wendy Macfarland

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