Sometimes It’s The Few Millimeters That Matter

Sometimes It’s The Few Millimeters That Matter

I wanted to send a note of thanks for the work you and your group did for my seemingly never ending back and leg pain.

Recently I was traveling back on a 7 hour flight to Phoenix and realized that a few years ago I would have been ready to rip the door open as my sciatic pain in my back and leg would have been unbearable. Interestingly enough, I barely noticed the mild discomfort I was experiencing.

Off course, as you remember, it was unbearable pain that I was experiencing when I first came to see you in 2004.

After going to see Paraic at the Bicycle Ranch to correct my bike positioning, he recommended I come see you as I relayed just how painfull my back had become.

Throughout the year prior, I had gone to see any number of healthcare providers and was told I needed surgery, needed to quit triathlon, had a bulging disc, should get an epidural shot, and tried medical steroids to no avail.

I remember walking in and talking to you about my back and the whole time you were focused on my arches and how the soles were wearing on my shoes. While everyone else started and finished with my back and sciatic, you were looking for the actual cause and looking to fix the problem rather than just treat the pain.

From memory, I believe you had said your goal was to make at least a 60% improvement in how I felt. But while I smiled and nodded, I was extremely skeptical based upon what I had tried previously.

After ruling out a number of possible causes, you determined that I had a leg length differential causing hip rotation which in turn caused pressure to be put on the nerves in my back. Like a good detective, you found the root cause.

Over the next month or so we worked on some specific stretching and core exercises to target weaker areas. Bill got me dialed in on my orthotics and Whamo (Matt) took me through a series of movements designed to find some seemingly hidden flexibility.

While it wasn’t an instant fix, Nate, you were able to continue to try and pinpoint exactly what was causing my alignment to get “jacked up”. And I believe that is the technical medical term.

In the end, you uncovered the cause of the pain and then discovered what was the root cause. Amazingly it came down to orthotics and a 3 millimeter platform added in my cycling shoe NOT back surgery!

3 MILLIMETERS made the hugest difference in how I felt!!!

Since then, I have continued to compete in Ironman Triathlons and marathons with a few PR’s to boot.

As you know I no longer need to come in for ongoing treatment and I suppose its one of the drawbacks in Endurance’s business plan that you lose patients because you have fixed them up.

I am sure I will however see you and your team during my next PR at Ironman Arizona.

For anyone experience pain or dealing with ongoing injuries, I give my highest recommendation to Endurance Rehabilitation who will find “your 3 millimeters” needed to feel a whole lot better.


Derek Moore
Age Group Ironman Triatlete

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