What Can Run Gait Analysis Show You?

As an athlete, your form when you run can determine a great deal about your performance. Run gait analysis in Phoenix, AZ is specifically designed to analyze your form as a runner to give you greater insight. Take a look below at a few things you will learn during a run gait analysis at Endurance Rehab.

Get insight into your individual running style

Each runner can have their own unique running style. The run gait analysis will be conducted by a professional, but your movements will also be tracked by video. This video analysis allows us to get an in-depth look at your form when you run. For example, we will get a look at your overall posture, the form of your legs with each step, and which muscles are working hardest as you run.

Identify which muscles are being over or underused while running

During the evaluation, the run gait analysis will offer a comprehensive look at which muscle groups you rely on when you run at different stages of the workout. This can be important because which muscle groups you use can have a bearing on which areas of your body may need further strength training. For example, if you are relying on muscles in your quadriceps and hips, this could be a sign of lacking core strength.

Find out if your running style could cause physical problems

One of the most important things you can learn during a run gait analysis is if you can face the risk of certain injuries as a runner. For instance, if you have poor posture when you run, you may face higher risks of a knee or hip injury.

Work with an Exercise Specialist in Phoenix for Run Gait Analysis

At Endurance Rehab, our run gait analysis is conducted by an expert exercise specialist with a background in physical therapy in Phoenix, AZ. If you would like to schedule an analysis or have questions, feel free to reach out for more information.