My Running Improved Dramatically And Recovery After Long Runs Was Quick

My Running Improved Dramatically And Recovery After Long Runs Was Quick

In 2006 at that age of 44 I started running for the first time in my life and 8 months later I was running my first trail endurance race. Over the next few months I would run two fifty mile races and then on April 26, 2008 I couldn’t finish the Zane Grey 50 mile race due to a painful IT Band which made it almost impossible to just walk, I limped into mile 33 aid station where I dropped from the race. My IT Band had bothered me on and off throughout my running but never this bad. A week later I walked into Endurance Rehab and met Matt Kraemer for the first time. I was impressed with his knowledge of the human body and his inspection of mine led to a diagnosis of imbalances in my legs, some muscles being too tight and others too weak. I saw Matt three more times and he taught me the stretches and exercises I would need to do to balance out my legs and rotate my hips in. After two weeks of stretching myself out, just as Matt promised, my muscles were no longer tight but from then on the stretch was for maintenance. My running improved dramatically and recovery after long runs was quick. Matt kept me running while I was injured warning “stop when it hurts.” In June of 2008 I finished my first 100 mile race, no pain, no IT Band issues and the next day I was stretching limber, not tight muscles.

Unfortunately the exercises Matt prescribed for my weak hip muscles I neglected to do and in September of 08 I came down with a nagging hip injury. Several frustrating doctor visits later I returned to Matt and his words “if you don’t strengthen your hips you will be coming to see me again and again” motivated me to fully ready my body for many races to come. Knowing I hate to exercise Matt designed me a plan where I could work out three times a week for 30 minutes. In March of 09 after 8 weeks of exercise I finished my third 50 mile race and although I was undertrained and 10 pounds heavy my legs felt fresh crossing the finish line. The same story would be repeated on April 25, 2008 when I returned to finish Zane Grey 50 miler.

My running future looks bright as long as I continue the stretching and strengthening, I’m now a more efficient runner and never thought I could feel so good after running these distances.

Jeff Jones
Phoenix, Arizona

Endurance Rehab Focuses On Helping People

Endurance Rehab Focuses On Helping People

In my short stint last fall hanging out at Endurance Rehab I had the opportunity to check out a couple of morning circuit classes and was treated top notch with ultrasound icing (I think that is the term), taping for my bum (inflammed Patella was the diagnosis I think) knee and advice on how to quickly and successfully get through the injury. Nate made it a point of healing the injury so that I could get back to doing what I love and be ready for my birthday run – a double crossing of the Grand Canyon . I got the sense that Endurance Rehab focuses on helping people first prevent injuries by offering core strengthening classes, then work through injuries by providing them the tools and education (rather than prolonging or babying them through) and makes clients take responsibility for their rehab. Also providing resources to various treatments (including massage) is a helpful piece. With all this I was able to bounce back and enjoy the 44 mile run to celebrate another year of life 🙂

Krissy Moehl
2007 HARD ROCK 100 Winner
One of the top female ultrarunners in the country

Sometimes It’s The Few Millimeters That Matter

Sometimes It’s The Few Millimeters That Matter

I wanted to send a note of thanks for the work you and your group did for my seemingly never ending back and leg pain.

Recently I was traveling back on a 7 hour flight to Phoenix and realized that a few years ago I would have been ready to rip the door open as my sciatic pain in my back and leg would have been unbearable. Interestingly enough, I barely noticed the mild discomfort I was experiencing.

Off course, as you remember, it was unbearable pain that I was experiencing when I first came to see you in 2004.

After going to see Paraic at the Bicycle Ranch to correct my bike positioning, he recommended I come see you as I relayed just how painfull my back had become.

Throughout the year prior, I had gone to see any number of healthcare providers and was told I needed surgery, needed to quit triathlon, had a bulging disc, should get an epidural shot, and tried medical steroids to no avail.

I remember walking in and talking to you about my back and the whole time you were focused on my arches and how the soles were wearing on my shoes. While everyone else started and finished with my back and sciatic, you were looking for the actual cause and looking to fix the problem rather than just treat the pain.

From memory, I believe you had said your goal was to make at least a 60% improvement in how I felt. But while I smiled and nodded, I was extremely skeptical based upon what I had tried previously.

After ruling out a number of possible causes, you determined that I had a leg length differential causing hip rotation which in turn caused pressure to be put on the nerves in my back. Like a good detective, you found the root cause.

Over the next month or so we worked on some specific stretching and core exercises to target weaker areas. Bill got me dialed in on my orthotics and Whamo (Matt) took me through a series of movements designed to find some seemingly hidden flexibility.

While it wasn’t an instant fix, Nate, you were able to continue to try and pinpoint exactly what was causing my alignment to get “jacked up”. And I believe that is the technical medical term.

In the end, you uncovered the cause of the pain and then discovered what was the root cause. Amazingly it came down to orthotics and a 3 millimeter platform added in my cycling shoe NOT back surgery!

3 MILLIMETERS made the hugest difference in how I felt!!!

Since then, I have continued to compete in Ironman Triathlons and marathons with a few PR’s to boot.

As you know I no longer need to come in for ongoing treatment and I suppose its one of the drawbacks in Endurance’s business plan that you lose patients because you have fixed them up.

I am sure I will however see you and your team during my next PR at Ironman Arizona.

For anyone experience pain or dealing with ongoing injuries, I give my highest recommendation to Endurance Rehabilitation who will find “your 3 millimeters” needed to feel a whole lot better.


Derek Moore
Age Group Ironman Triatlete

50-Mile Hike

50-Mile Hike

In July, I could barely walk 50 feet from the parking lot to your front door. In September, I hiked 50 miles non-stop across the Grand Canyon (rim-to-rim-rim). The rehab you and your staff performed on my foot was amazing. Many thanks to you, Caroline and Andi.

Roger Zetah

I Was At The End My Wits

I Was At The End My Wits

After a couple of years of chronic injuries I was ready to give up running and triathlons. Someone then referred me to Endurance Rehab and Nate Koch. That was my ticket out of the ongoing injuries! Nate diagnosed the problem, got down the root cause and through cutting edge treatment and counsel, brought me back to where I’m now achieving more than I ever thought possible in triathlon. I even competed at the World Champions thanks to Endurance Rehab and their great staff. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!

Lincoln Murdoch
50-54 Triathlete

My Arm Injury

My Arm Injury

In December of 2001 I was at the La Hacienda Rehabilitation Center in Hunt, Texas. This happened because after the towers were hit, (besides all the other stuff going on at the time internally with Megadeth) I numbed out, like most of us did. After five years of being sober, I started using pain medication. I lost control and went out to Texas to get cleaned up. While I was sobering up in Texas, on January 7th, 2002, I was sitting up in a chair at the hospital, and I fell asleep with my arm over the back of a chair I was in.

This cut off the circulation to the radial ulnar nerve, around the humerus, on the inside of my left bicep, compressing it. This is called Saturday Night Palsy. Many claim that I hurt my arm “shooting up”. People do not inject drugs in the inside of their arm above the elbow, into the bicep, so the shooting up bit is false.

The Doctor in Texas said that I was probably not going to be able to use my arm any more than 80%, “if I was lucky”. And he also said I “would probably not play again”.

This was not acceptable to me. So I went back from Texas to Scottsdale, Arizona, because I wanted to go to see my Doctor, Raj Singh, about my arm. After I got evaluated I returned to Texas to finish my treatment and started off on what took four months of grueling physical therapy at the Spire Institute in Scottsdale with Nathan Koch, acupuncture with Doctor Vance Inouye, chiropractic adjustments from Doctor William Tikey – the founder of Spire Institute, weight training for over a year, and loads of prayers.

Dr. Singh pronounced that I had completely recovered and that my arm was 100% healed after that time. Following this good news I started playing again and located a guitar teacher to help my re-learn my craft named Ric Flauding.

If there could possibly be any better news than this, it was that prior to injuring my arm, I had started to develop damage to my left hand from playing every night for two hours anyway, specifically in the little finger. The nerve injury, the time off from playing, the rehab (both La Ha and the physical therapy), and learning to play again has made me play much better.

I hope to have something for you to listen to soon, so that you can judge for yourself.

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth

A Miraculous Recovery

A Miraculous Recovery

I am sure you don’t remember me… Len O’Toole… Cyclist… IRISH… You fixed a knee problem of mine way back … Anyway, I saw your picture on today and I had to contact you. I just wanted to congratulate you on your new venture at “Endurance Rehab”… you said you were going to go out on your own some day, I guess you did. Well Done. Looks like a great institution. If I need any ‘adjustments’ in the future… I will be sure to travel out to AZ for you to take care of me.

Right now, I am the director of the Mercy Cycling Team Elite Women’s Squad – based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas. I’ve been telling all my riders for years … if they have any physical problems to look you up in Arizona. You are a Master of your trade. You fixed me up so good that the following year I came in 10th in the US National Criterium Champs in Chicago…and ranked in the Top 10 in my category for Criterium Riders in the USA Cycling National Criterium Rankings !! Now that’s what I call a miraculous recovery – compared to the previous year when my knee issues wiped my season out completely. You fixed me up good, real good – Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Nate, best of luck in your business… and Thank you again for taking care of me.

Len O’Toole Cordova, TN

A World of Hurt No More

A World of Hurt No More

I never really appreciated the importance of a strong core until a recent painful experience.

During the run leg of a race, I somehow pulled my SI joint out of alignment. At the time I thought it could be cured with some rest and eased back on my training. However as soon as I started running again the pain and discomfort would return. After x-rays (no worries) and several D.O. visits, Nat began working on me. He always made sure he was working in conjunction with the D.O. even gave me ‘homework’ exercises to work on between sessions. I also started back to the core classes that I had neglected for several months.

I’d attended the core class before and knew it was beneficial but it wasn’t until this experience that I realised how important it is. The class exercises are tough and there is pain, but that is nothing compared to the frustration and constant discomfort I was experiencing. Nate was also treating me during this time and through the class and his work I am now back to 100% and recently raced the NewTimes 10K with no ill effects. Nate does a great job of picking exercises that focus on the right areas and that work together to push us – he’s a great drill sergeant!!

I’ve also learned the importance of stretching and have attended the run clinics that have helped me with warm-up protocol, nutrition, technique, and stretching.

What makes the difference between Endurance Rehab and others is your real commitment to athletes and their health. I appreciate your understanding of what it means to compete and train.

So thank you Endurance Rehab. Without you guys I’d still be in a “world of hurt”.

Wendy Macfarland

Knee Pain and My Lifelong Goal

Knee Pain and My Lifelong Goal

While training for the 2007 PF Chang’s Rock n Roll marathon in Phoenix, Arizona, I began to experience significant knee pain which essentially halted my training program. After having a friend highly recommend Matt Kraemer and Endurance Rehabilitation, and figuring I had nothing to lose, I scheduled an evaluation with Matt. From my first contact with Matt and his colleagues at Endurance Rehabilitation, I witnessed only the utmost professionalism. Matt made certain I understood the cause of my knee pain and the purpose for his chosen methods of treatment. After undergoing just under six weeks of therapy at Endurance Rehabilitation, and much to my surprise, I successfully completed the marathon without so much as the slightest knee pain. I owe much thanks to Matt and his colleagues at Endurance Rehabilitation for helping me successfully achieve a lifelong goal.

Liz Barrick

Undeniable Results

Undeniable Results

As a competitive international junior cyclist, I understand the importance of being injury free, yet after being hit by a car I was in need of some special care. Matt Kramer, with his own athletic passions, understood my need and desire to get back on the bike healthy, strong and fast. After being evaluated by Matt, he developed a personalized rehabilitation program that addressed my specific injuries. Throughout the rehab course he gave me insight into the recovery and strengthening process that gave me a deeper understanding into my own physiology. Matt’s program has had undeniable results, and I am confident I will continue to be pain free. Thanks Matt!

Cody J. Miller